Countr 3.1 – Button Themes

With today’s release of Countr 3.1, themes are beginning to return to the app!

When Countr launched in 2014, it had support for Dark Mode. It was provided as a theme option to users. Last year, with Countr 2.4, the idea of themes were dropped in place of the app inheriting the system-wide Dark Mode that came with iOS 13. This is just what many users were asking for.

With Countr 3.1 today, further customization is returning in the form of button themes for the Apple Watch app. The first of these is a “retro” theme, letting Watch users have a button appearance matching the older style from the initial Apple Watch app version.

More themes will be added to the Apple Watch in the future, and other devices will gain support for button themes as well. These will always be made to look good whether you’re in light mode or dark mode.

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Countr 3.0!

I’m happy to announce that Countr 3.0 is now available on the App Store! This is a huge release with a lot of changes and improvements.

  1. Multiple Counts – Now, you can manage multiple counts at the same time! Use one count to track how many cups of coffee you have in a day while using another to track exercise progress. Or add a count to track the number of breaks you take during a work day. Or anything else!
  2. Automatic Data Sync – Your counts will automatically sync via iCloud to your other devices. Now, you can use your iPhone during the day, then switch to your Apple Watch when you’re away from your desk, and then pick up your counts later on your iPad.
  3. iPad Support – Countr now officially supports the iPad! This means you no longer get an iPhone-size app stuck in portrait mode. This will scale to your iPad’s screen. It also supports multitasking, so you can put Countr into split-view with another app, or have it in Slide-Over so you can quickly access your count.
  4. New Apple Watch app – The Apple Watch app has been completely rewritten. Besides performance improvements, it supports multiple counts and data syncing.

Download Countr on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch!

And please remember to rate and review the app on the App Store. Leave a tip in the Tip Jar via Settings if you enjoy using the app. And reach out to @RandomProjects with questions or feedback.

Countr 2.5 – Important Bug Fix!

Many people running Countr on iOS 13.4 have found it crashing on launch. Apple introduced an undocumented behavior change that was causing Countr to crash. Version 2.5 addresses this issue.

My deepest apologies for not providing this fix sooner.

Along with this very important fix, Countr 2.5 adds support for migrating data to future versions of Countr. This will be important so that your count doesn’t reset when future major releases are made available.

As such, 2.5 is an important update. I recommend all Countr users update to it immediately!

Should you have other feedback, please contact us.

2019 Retrospective and 2020 Plans

With 2019 officially behind us, I thought it might be a good opportunity to look back on the things Random Projects delivered this year. I’ll then talk about some of my plans for Random Projects for 2020.

All About Countr

While my day job has me working on several apps, Random Projects is currently all about Countr.

Originally released in 2014, Countr began as a simple counting app focused on a straightforward user experience. In 2019, Countr progressed to version 2 and continued that focus.

The original 2.0 release in March cleaned up the UI across the board. Layouts were more consistent between all phones, from the smaller iPhone SE to the large iPhone XS Max. This also laid the groundwork for a lot of other improvements that came through the rest of the year.

Version 2.1 in June brought improvements to the Watch app, including support for watch face complications. Haptics were also added, making the Watch app experience better. Lastly, a focus was made on dynamic type support in the iOS app, good for users that might have their device text set to a smaller or larger-than-default size.

August brought version 2.2 and the return of Dark Mode. I had added dark mode to version 1 years ago, but it had last been done when the iPhone 5s was the latest phone. I took time during the summer to rethink some of the color choices that were used in the past and brought it more in line with what Apple had created with iOS 13.

I also ran the app through iOS’ accessibility options, particularly Voiceover. It’s not perfect, but as I continue to work on this and other apps, I want them to be as accessible as possible to the broadest range of users.

Just a month after that release, version 2.3 was available in late September and added a few alternate icon options plus support for Siri suggestions. The more you use Countr, the more it’ll suggest it to you from Spotlight, making it easier for regular users to get back to the app.

Lastly, version 2.4 in October synced up Dark Mode with the iOS 13 system-wide setting, plus addressed any iOS 13 issues.

I think 2019 was a great year for Countr. If you agree, leave a tip in the Tip Jar found in the Settings screen. I greatly appreciate it!

Roadmap: 2020

I enjoyed working on Countr during 2019. Doing so helped me polish some internal processes for planning releases and development work. Those improvements have helped me make some solid plans for the future.

So what’s in store for Random Projects in 2020? Here are a few things I have in the works.

Countr 3

Countr 2 was sorely needed. It brought support for a lot of the newer features added to iOS over the past few years, and ended 2019 with a focus on the latest improvements to iOS.

While Dark Mode was a huge feature in iOS 13, there are other features that Countr can support that it doesn’t yet. That’s why Countr 3.0 is in the works.

Countr 3 will make full use of iOS 13’s features, as well as take advantage of some changes in iPadOS 13. And while I’m at it, I’ll be doing a Watch app update for watchOS 6.

Like Countr 2, these updates will be rolled out over several versions. Expect the first glimpses of Countr 3 in the late spring.

Other Apps

Hitting a bit of nostalgia in 2019 inspired me to work on a few small app ideas. These include some small games based on old travel games I used to play on road trips 20 years ago. I hope they’ll be fun for people now as I enjoyed them then! The first of these should be available by summer.

Countr 2.4 – All about iOS 13

Are you running iOS 13? Then you should grab Countr 2.4! Here’s what’s changed:

  • Dark mode is now managed by the system-wide dark mode setting. Now, Countr will automatically be light/dark depending on your device settings.
  • iOS 13-specific issues have been addressed. No more weird navigation appearance or other bugs!

I’m hard at work on new features for Countr’s next big update. If you have any feedback about the app, reach out on Twitter, Instagram, or email.

Countr 2.3 – Customization Basics

I’m happy to announce Countr 2.3! This release brings a couple of small changes.

Alternate Icons

To go along with Dark Mode that was recently introduced, you can change the app icon to one of a couple of dark options. You’ll find the new option under Settings.

Siri Suggestions

Now, the more you use Countr, the more your device will understand when and where you are using it. You might see Countr come up as a suggestion on your lock screen. Or perhaps you’ll see it as a suggestion when you open Spotlight.


This will be the last version to support iOS 11 and iOS 12. Why?

iOS 12 was available for all devices that support iOS 11. So there is little reason why someone on iOS 11 isn’t already on iOS 12. Therefore, at this point in time, it’s safe to drop iOS 11.

Also, there are some great new features I’d like to implement for Countr for iOS 13. The Countr roadmap includes updates to span the next 6-12 months and include some exciting improvements for Apple Watch and iPad. But to more easily work on these means dropping iOS 12 support, greatly simplifying the work needed to add these features.

I have worked hard to address any known issues in Countr up to this point. So 2.3 should be a stable final release for any iOS 12 users. If you find ANY issues with this release, please reach out via Twitter, Instagram, or email.

You can download Countr for free on the App Store.

Countr 2.2 – Dark Mode is Back

I’m happy to announce the release of Countr 2.2. With it comes a couple of small improvements and one big return.

Dark Mode

Dark mode was originally part of Countr 1.0. Since launching 2.0, though, the feature was notably absent. The reason was two-fold:

  1. Dark appearance, while a well-liked feature, needed a new look since 1.0. It was originally introduced when iPhone 5s was the latest iPhone. Now, iPhone screens have improved drastically. Plus, the addition of OLED to the iPhone line up has changed what dark truly means. So Dark Mode needed a total redesign.
  2. Countr 2.0 was a fresh re-write of 1.0. As such, adding back Dark Mode needed to be done in a thoughtful way. Every featured added to Countr is done in a way that it is both robust and easily maintainable. Dark Mode was no different. Thankfully, the work that went into it not only brings the feature back for current users, but it also lays the groundwork for improvements in future iOS versions.

Now, you can find Dark Mode as a toggle in the Settings screen.

Other Improvements

There are two small improvements also with this release.

First, there is a new Quick Action from the Home screen. If you 3D Touch on the icon, you’ll find a new option that will let you quickly start a fresh count. This can help you save a few steps when you want to reset and start over.

Second, work was done in optimizing the count screen for voiceover support. I want Countr to be accessible for as many people as possible. While there is still work to be done on that front, voiceover users should now find the entire app a little easier to use. If not, PLEASE contact me and let me know how accessibility can be improved.

Overall, this is a welcome release for all Countr users. If you appreciate Countr, please leave a tip in the Tip Jar found under Settings. If you have questions or comments, you can reach out on Twitter or Instagram.

Count 2.1 – Enhancements and Improvements

I’m happy to announce Countr 2.1 is now available! This update brings a couple of new features as well as much needed bug fixes and refinements!

New Features

Watch Complications – Now, you can add Countr as a complication on many of your favorite faces on your Apple Watch! With just a tap, you’ll be taken right into Countr, where you can pick up a count right where you left off.

Watch Haptics – When using the Apple Watch app, you’ll now feel haptic feedback with each button press. Never second-guess whether or not you tapped the button. Now you’ll always know.

Dynamic Type Support – The iOS app now fully supports Dynamic Type. So if you like having your device text size a little smaller than normal, or you need to make things bigger to read text in your apps, Countr should now fully meet your expectations.


The following issues were addressed with this update:

  • Fixes an issue when counting would pause background audio
  • Fixes a UI bug regarding the count buttons
  • Slightly increases size of the count buttons
  • Addresses an issue where counts from the Watch would not sync properly if the iOS app was closed
  • Improves app performance when tapping a count button after a fresh launch


Countr is and will remain free. But development always requires time and energy. There is now a Tip Jar, which you’ll find under Settings, where you can choose to leave a tip to support Countr and other Random Project apps! Anything you tip is very much appreciated!

If you have any feedback regarding this release, we’re always happy to listen! Reach out to us on Twitter or via our site.

Say Hello to Countr 2.0!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since Countr’s last update. Well, wait no more: Countr 2.0 is finally here! It’s been a long time coming, and while a lot might seem the same, there are changes and improvements.

Changes and Improvements

First and foremost, Countr’s look and feel will be familiar to existing Countr users. The existing design proved valuable to the original goal: a simple, intuitive counting app. That said, here’s what’s new:

  • Added support for the latest iPhones – Countr now looks great, whether you’re on an iPhone SE or an iPhone XS Max!
  • Cleaner Settings screen – It’s a bit easier and more straightforward to change various settings in the app. For instance, “Swipe to Count” now explains how it functions.
  • Redesigned Widget – The widget looks a little cleaner. It also should operate more quickly than before.
  • Updated Apple Watch app – Previously, the digital crown on the Apple Watch could be used to quickly change the count. However, this was too easy to do accidentally. Now, to quickly change the count, Force Press the main screen and choose “Set”.

Upcoming Features

One of the other goals with Countr 2.0 was preparing for the future. While the original app was quite solid, 2.0 is in a much better position to take advantage of new Apple technologies, as well as provide an easier way to develop new features.

That said, there is one omission: Dark mode. A new dark mode wasn’t quite ready yet. But don’t worry, it’ll be coming back soon!

We’ll also be doing our best to release updates regularly alongside Apple’s software updates. So you shouldn’t have to wait long to take advantage of new capabilities made possible by iOS or watchOS.

As always, feedback is always valuable and appreciated! I hope you enjoy Countr 2.0!

Improved Watch syncing with Countr 1.4.1

One popular request with our recent Apple Watch app was the ability to sync the count between the Watch and accompanying iPhone. Originally, we thought it might be nice to have two separate counts. But after much thinking, we’ve changed our mind and now have made the two sync.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback! If you can, please rate and review this version on the App Store!