Countr-darkNeed to take a quick count or tally? Don’t fumble with paper and pens anymore! Countr is here for you! Whether you’re taking attendance of people at a meeting or assembly, or counting how many items are going past you in a line, you can now easily keep track by just tapping your screen. It couldn’t be simpler!

Want to quickly increase or decrease the count? Simply slide your finger across the screen. Slide faster to change the count faster.

To start over, simply shake your device.

And if you want to take a count but don’t want the light theme to attract attention, switch over to the attractive dark mode!

Release Notes

1.4.1 – 1 June 2016

– We’ve improved communication between the Watch and iPhone apps. Your count now syncs between the two apps!

1.4 – 10 December 2015

+ Added an Apple Watch app, making it quick and easy to take a count on your wrist.
+ Added (optional) audio feedback when counting in the iPhone app.

1.3 – 29 August 2015

+ Save a count at any time! Use the new “Save Count” action in the Share extension.
+ Of course, if you’ve saved a count, where did it go? There’s a new view accessible from the Settings view. Tap the icon in the top right corner and see all of your past counts!

1.2 – 28 June 2015

+ Countr Widget: Was the Countr app not a quick enough way to count? Well, say hello to the Countr Today View Widget! Not you can open Today View and update your count at any time!
+ New icon: Countr just got a lot nicer looking thanks to the new icon. Thanks to Dillon Klassen for his work on it!

1.1.1 – 21 April 2015

+ Added proper support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
+ Added a share option. Now you can quickly share a count. Need to text your tally to someone? Here you go. Perfect for sending your count into a custom Workflow
– Reworded the swipe direction setting so it’s easier to see what it does. Want to count by swiping horizontally instead of vertically? That’s what this option is for
– Made it clearer to see if Auto Dark Mode was enabled. If it is, you won’t be able to change the Dark Mode setting (Auto Dark Mode overrides the other)
– Modified the Auto Dark Mode slider to take input corresponding to all screen brightness options

1.1 – 21 December 2014

+ Auto Dark Mode – Our initial release included the ability to switch to Dark Mode, perfect for low light conditions. With this update, we’ve made it even easier to enable Dark Mode! How? With ‘Auto Dark Mode’, Countr will now automatically switch to and from Dark Mode depending on your screen brightness. Are you in a dark room? No doubt, your display will dim itself automatically. Countr can detect this and switch to Dark Mode, making it easier on your eyes and less noticeable to those around you.

– Replaced menu labels with Icons – We’ve also made some minor UI changes. Gone are the text labels on the main count screen. Those have been replaced with icons for a simpler count view.

And of course, we took the time to squish a few bugs.

If you like using Countr, please rate and review our app! If you need any help or have any questions, visit or tweet us @RandomProjects.

1.0 – 29 August 2014

Our initial release brings Countr to the masses. If you ever needed to take a count, you now can in a very easy way.

Countr also lets you quickly increase or decrease the count with a swipe of your finger. Simple pan your finger along the screen to change the count; the faster you pan, the quicker it changes.

Want to quickly reset your count? Just shake your iPhone.

There is no gimmick with Countr. This isn’t an app trying to recreate a mechanical counter or ticker. This is a simple, clean app to help you take a quick count when you need to do so.


If you need assistance or have questions about Countr, please contact us.

Upcoming Features

Here’s a sample of some upcoming features that we’ll be including in later versions of Countr:

  • Saved counts – Save a count to pick it up later or record it for historical purposes
  • Quicker ways to count whatever you want