In January 2011, Random Projects came to life. The original focus was on creating websites for individuals and small businesses. With that came the requirement of providing graphical services for those small businesses so that they could have attractive logos and mastheads. Further, social media became an important requirement for any business with even the smallest of online presences. We did our best to be a one-stop shop for everything. In short, we failed. Keeping up with all of the various aspects was fun, but it also meant losing focus, being a jack of all trades and not mastering any.

We couldn’t keep that up. Being a small business ourselves, the resources simply didn’t exist to keep pushing in all of those directions simultaneously. Being run by a developer, it was clear that the focus needed to remain on that: development.

So, in 2014, our focus changed. Random Projects was reborn. And with it came our new focus: developing useful applications and services, one at a time, no matter how small or simple. We don’t know every project that will come about, but each one will take our focus and be tested, improved, and perfected before being released into the wild. Even the simplest of applications needs to provide a pleasant user experience.