Countr 3.1 – Button Themes

With today’s release of Countr 3.1, themes are beginning to return to the app!

When Countr launched in 2014, it had support for Dark Mode. It was provided as a theme option to users. Last year, with Countr 2.4, the idea of themes were dropped in place of the app inheriting the system-wide Dark Mode that came with iOS 13. This is just what many users were asking for.

With Countr 3.1 today, further customization is returning in the form of button themes for the Apple Watch app. The first of these is a “retro” theme, letting Watch users have a button appearance matching the older style from the initial Apple Watch app version.

More themes will be added to the Apple Watch in the future, and other devices will gain support for button themes as well. These will always be made to look good whether you’re in light mode or dark mode.

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