Countr 3.0!

I’m happy to announce that Countr 3.0 is now available on the App Store! This is a huge release with a lot of changes and improvements.

  1. Multiple Counts – Now, you can manage multiple counts at the same time! Use one count to track how many cups of coffee you have in a day while using another to track exercise progress. Or add a count to track the number of breaks you take during a work day. Or anything else!
  2. Automatic Data Sync – Your counts will automatically sync via iCloud to your other devices. Now, you can use your iPhone during the day, then switch to your Apple Watch when you’re away from your desk, and then pick up your counts later on your iPad.
  3. iPad Support – Countr now officially supports the iPad! This means you no longer get an iPhone-size app stuck in portrait mode. This will scale to your iPad’s screen. It also supports multitasking, so you can put Countr into split-view with another app, or have it in Slide-Over so you can quickly access your count.
  4. New Apple Watch app – The Apple Watch app has been completely rewritten. Besides performance improvements, it supports multiple counts and data syncing.

Download Countr on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch!

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