Countr 2.3 – Customization Basics

I’m happy to announce Countr 2.3! This release brings a couple of small changes.

Alternate Icons

To go along with Dark Mode that was recently introduced, you can change the app icon to one of a couple of dark options. You’ll find the new option under Settings.

Siri Suggestions

Now, the more you use Countr, the more your device will understand when and where you are using it. You might see Countr come up as a suggestion on your lock screen. Or perhaps you’ll see it as a suggestion when you open Spotlight.


This will be the last version to support iOS 11 and iOS 12. Why?

iOS 12 was available for all devices that support iOS 11. So there is little reason why someone on iOS 11 isn’t already on iOS 12. Therefore, at this point in time, it’s safe to drop iOS 11.

Also, there are some great new features I’d like to implement for Countr for iOS 13. The Countr roadmap includes updates to span the next 6-12 months and include some exciting improvements for Apple Watch and iPad. But to more easily work on these means dropping iOS 12 support, greatly simplifying the work needed to add these features.

I have worked hard to address any known issues in Countr up to this point. So 2.3 should be a stable final release for any iOS 12 users. If you find ANY issues with this release, please reach out via Twitter, Instagram, or email.

You can download Countr for free on the App Store.