Countr 2.2 – Dark Mode is Back

I’m happy to announce the release of Countr 2.2. With it comes a couple of small improvements and one big return.

Dark Mode

Dark mode was originally part of Countr 1.0. Since launching 2.0, though, the feature was notably absent. The reason was two-fold:

  1. Dark appearance, while a well-liked feature, needed a new look since 1.0. It was originally introduced when iPhone 5s was the latest iPhone. Now, iPhone screens have improved drastically. Plus, the addition of OLED to the iPhone line up has changed what dark truly means. So Dark Mode needed a total redesign.
  2. Countr 2.0 was a fresh re-write of 1.0. As such, adding back Dark Mode needed to be done in a thoughtful way. Every featured added to Countr is done in a way that it is both robust and easily maintainable. Dark Mode was no different. Thankfully, the work that went into it not only brings the feature back for current users, but it also lays the groundwork for improvements in future iOS versions.

Now, you can find Dark Mode as a toggle in the Settings screen.

Other Improvements

There are two small improvements also with this release.

First, there is a new Quick Action from the Home screen. If you 3D Touch on the icon, you’ll find a new option that will let you quickly start a fresh count. This can help you save a few steps when you want to reset and start over.

Second, work was done in optimizing the count screen for voiceover support. I want Countr to be accessible for as many people as possible. While there is still work to be done on that front, voiceover users should now find the entire app a little easier to use. If not, PLEASE contact me and let me know how accessibility can be improved.

Overall, this is a welcome release for all Countr users. If you appreciate Countr, please leave a tip in the Tip Jar found under Settings. If you have questions or comments, you can reach out on Twitter or Instagram.