Count 2.1 – Enhancements and Improvements

I’m happy to announce Countr 2.1 is now available! This update brings a couple of new features as well as much needed bug fixes and refinements!

New Features

Watch Complications – Now, you can add Countr as a complication on many of your favorite faces on your Apple Watch! With just a tap, you’ll be taken right into Countr, where you can pick up a count right where you left off.

Watch Haptics – When using the Apple Watch app, you’ll now feel haptic feedback with each button press. Never second-guess whether or not you tapped the button. Now you’ll always know.

Dynamic Type Support – The iOS app now fully supports Dynamic Type. So if you like having your device text size a little smaller than normal, or you need to make things bigger to read text in your apps, Countr should now fully meet your expectations.


The following issues were addressed with this update:

  • Fixes an issue when counting would pause background audio
  • Fixes a UI bug regarding the count buttons
  • Slightly increases size of the count buttons
  • Addresses an issue where counts from the Watch would not sync properly if the iOS app was closed
  • Improves app performance when tapping a count button after a fresh launch


Countr is and will remain free. But development always requires time and energy. There is now a Tip Jar, which you’ll find under Settings, where you can choose to leave a tip to support Countr and other Random Project apps! Anything you tip is very much appreciated!

If you have any feedback regarding this release, we’re always happy to listen! Reach out to us on Twitter or via our site.