What looks random to some is not truly random

Some people look at something and just see a random collection. Others, though, can look at the same thing and see intelligent, purposeful design.

Need to take a quick tally? Countr is just want you need. A quick count should always be quick.
At heart, we’re developers. But we are also consumers. We create things that we want to use.
It’s not just what you see when you use something. How you feel when using an app or service is just as important.
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Latest Updates

Countr 2.4 – All about iOS 13

Are you running iOS 13? Then you should grab Countr 2.4! Here’s what’s changed: Dark mode is now managed by the system-wide dark mode setting. Now, Countr will automatically be light/dark depending on your device settings. iOS 13-specific issues have been addressed. No more weird navigation appearance or other bugs! I’m hard at work on […]


Countr 2.3 – Customization Basics

I’m happy to announce Countr 2.3! This release brings a couple of small changes. Alternate Icons To go along with Dark Mode that was recently introduced, you can change the app icon to one of a couple of dark options. You’ll find the new option under Settings. Siri Suggestions Now, the more you use Countr, […]


Countr 2.2 – Dark Mode is Back

I’m happy to announce the release of Countr 2.2. With it comes a couple of small improvements and one big return. Dark Mode Dark mode was originally part of Countr 1.0. Since launching 2.0, though, the feature was notably absent. The reason was two-fold: Dark appearance, while a well-liked feature, needed a new look since […]


Count 2.1 – Enhancements and Improvements

I’m happy to announce Countr 2.1 is now available! This update brings a couple of new features as well as much needed bug fixes and refinements! New Features Watch Complications – Now, you can add Countr as a complication on many of your favorite faces on your Apple Watch! With just a tap, you’ll be […]


Say Hello to Countr 2.0!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since Countr’s last update. Well, wait no more: Countr 2.0 is finally here! It’s been a long time coming, and while a lot might seem the same, there are changes and improvements. Changes and Improvements First and foremost, Countr’s look and feel will be familiar to […]